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Health insurance for foreigners
Insure your smile in Slovakia

Are you staying in Slovakia for work, as a diplomat, foreign student or tourist? The insurance company Union poisťovňa is offering you and your family members complete health insurance coverage – at contractual as well as non-contractual health care providers (hospitals, health centers, individual doctor’s clinic and above standard health care providers as well). With Health insurance for foreigners you are entitled to:

  • ambulatory health care
  • general practitioner for children, youth and adults
  • gynaecologist
  • other specialists
  • hospital health care
  • doctor’s fi rst aid and emergency health treatment
  • covering costs of prescription drugs and medical aids
  • special care of expectant mothers and newborn children
  • urgent dental care
  • preventive health checks and rehabilitation programs
    (to the same extent as Slovak citizens covered by public health care insurance)

With Health insurance for foreigners you can be sure that there is someone you can turn to in case of injury or illness. Union poisťovňa will cover your health care expenses up to 33.200 EUR (in case of Pregnancy insurance up to 16.600 EUR).

Health insurance for foreigners
will help with your application for temporary or permanent residency permit in Slovakia. The insurance taken out in Union posiťovňa is accepted by the foreign police.

Where can you find us?
Foreigners can make the Health insurance for foreigners in our branch:

Union poisťovňa, a. s.

Laurinská street 9

811 01 Bratislava

Phone: +421 (2) 2081 5706
            +421 (2) 2081 5823

GSM:    +421 903 416 938
            +421 903 790 084

E-mail: union.direct@union.sk

About Union poisťovňa

The insurance company Union poisťovňa is the market leader in travel insurance and individual health insurance in Slovakia. Its sister company, Union zdravotná poisťovňa, specializes in public health care. This experience is one of the reasons why Union poisťovňa is the best qualifi ed commercial insurance company in Slovakia to cover your health insurance needs with Health insurance for foreigners.